Saturday, January 31, 2009

WHAT I HATE TODAY: Your daily dose of negative energy (Super Bowl Edition!)

Today I hate that the Super Bowl is never a home game or a cold-weather game. How fantastic would it be if the the USA's most popular sporting event could be played in driving snow in Green Bay or Buffalo, in front of hordes of rabid fans? But this will never happen. The Super Bowl will always be played at a neutral site in a warm-weather city or under a dome, in front of mildly excited connected corporate types calling their friends to say, "I'm at the Super Bowl," and the connected corporate types' wives waiting impatiently for all the silly football to stop so they can watch the Wayne Newton halftime extravaganza.


  1. You are too funny!! Come to Canada to see the "Grey Cup". It's usually pretty frosty for it. - Christine

  2. Actually, it could be a home game, but since the NFL tends to choose "looser" team locations (Florida, Arizona, New Orleans and Dallas) the odds are against it happening.

    I'd pay good money (on PPV) to see Miami and San Diego play a Superbowl game in Green Bay.