Thursday, January 8, 2009

WHAT I HATE TODAY: Your daily dose of negative energy

Today I hate the guy in the next cubicle who laughs, loudly and often, when talking on the phone with customers. We're not talking polite fake-o laughs here, folks -- these are genuine belly laughs: "HAHAHAHA HA ha hee hee heeeeee..." with those last few laughs of the wheezing variety because he's laughed himself out of breath. This guy laughs a dozen times a day like I haven't laughed since I saw George Carlin in concert eight years ago.

I don't actually hate the guy as much as I wonder what he's laughing at. I talk on the phone all day -- probably to some of the same people he talks to -- and I don't hear three funny quips a day. Does he just randomly burst into laughter while some technician from Akron reads off his parts order?

Technician from Akron: "... and then I need three of the 6-inch liner kits, that's part number K314-15926-P..."

Guy in the next cubicle: "HAHAHAHA HA ha hee hee heeeeee..."

Or maybe I just hate that I don't laugh as often as he does, or that most of my laughs are of the polite fake-o variety. It would be nice to experience that sort of joie de vivre several times a day.

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