Monday, January 19, 2009

Signs, signs, everywhere is signs...

It's Monday, so no workout today, huzzah! Instead I wandered over to South Broadway near the Mayan Theater, where there's a fascinating stretch of nifty independent clothing stores, bars, sex shops, used bookstores, pizza joints, and other temples of urban hipsterism. I had spotted of couple of signs there on Saturday that I thought would be worth sharing with you:

I saw this tiny sign outside a clothing and furniture store called Decade. My French is lousy -- by which I mean nonexistent -- but I'm pretty sure "chat lunatique" means "crazy cat." Unfortunately the store was closed so I didn't have a chance to verify the existence of an insane feline on the premises. But I love this little sign: I had walked past it at least 100 times without noticing it. Truly hidden in plain sight. Now that I know it's there I feel like I'm in on a private joke.

Mutiny Now!, a used bookstore, has two of these friendly signs flanking its front door. I'm submitting this one to Passive Aggressive Notes.

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