Sunday, January 4, 2009

WHAT I HATE TODAY: Your daily dose of negative energy

Today I hate when I ask for a glass of Zinfandel and I receive a glass of White Zinfandel.* This happened last night at a Mile High Sci Fi screening/ridiculing of Timecop. I politely told the waiter that I had ordered a glass of Zinfandel, and he looked confused. "But this is the only Zinfandel we have," he said, gesturing at the glass of pink wine-like substance in front of me. "Except for the other one, and that one is dark red."

*It's easy to tell the difference between Zin and White Zin. Zinfandel is a deep red wine, bold and jammy, with hearty notes of berry and spice. White Zinfandel is pink swill favored by teenagers looking to graduate from Boone's Farm.


  1. She Who Skates AloneJanuary 6, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    Oh, Mr. Sideways, get over yourself. Admit it, you just like the higher alcohol content of The Zin.

    Yours truly,

    Ms. Gamay Beaujolais

  2. I keep meaning to try the non-white (ahem) zinfandel, but I just can’t get over myself long enough to do so.

    *sips merlot importantly*