Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weighing in

I weighed in at 155 this morning, down 2 pounds from last week.

When I raced the Montreal 24-hour in early September, I weighed 148 pounds, which seems to be a good racing weight for me. After that race I embarked on a bender of ice cream, cheeseburgers, and bacon on everything, and gained 16 pounds in two months. Predictably, taking the weight off is a lot slower -- and a lot less fun -- than putting it on. I have now dropped 9 pounds in 9 weeks and would like to get down to 145 or lower by mid-March. That allows me to gain a few pounds during the skating season and go for the record lean and strong.

I wish I could measure my body fat percentage instead of my weight, because BF% gets directly to the point -- how much useful weight am I carrying, and how much useless pudding? But BF% is hard to measure unless you have an immersion tank laying around the house. I don't trust those scales with the electro-whatever plates to stand on. But body weight should be a decent proxy for BF%; even though I'm getting stronger, I'm not putting on much muscle weight, so any extra weight I put on is probably fat.

I don't count calories or carbs or fat grams or anything else. I burn a lot of energy working out, and then I eat just enough to keep from feeling weak or hungry. I eat mostly healthy stuff -- fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein -- with occasional treats to keep from going crazy. I eat small meals and frequent healthy snacks. Common sense, mostly.

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