Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WHAT I HATE TODAY: Your daily dose of negative energy

Today I hate the girls' basketball team of Dallas Academy, who recently lost to The Covenant School 100-0.* Granted, only 20 girls attend Dallas Academy -- 8 of whom play on the varsity team -- and the team has not won a game in four years. But how do you fail to score in a basketball game? Even if you jack it up from halfcourt every time, it has to go in eventually, right? I am genuinely curious how this happened. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have posted a video of the game to YouTube.

* Yes, I also hate the coach at Covenant -- a Christian school! -- for running up the score on an obviously overmatched team. But I'm trying to be edgy here.


  1. Perhaps the following two statements will explain how they didn't score any points:

    1. ... renowned for its work with students with a variety of learning problems.

    2. Some on the eight-girl team had never played before and will never play again.

  2. I also noticed these items in the article, and at first I thought the team was composed of disabled players. But then I watched the short video that accompanies the article, and the girls appeared to be physically and mentally able (if not terribly athletic).

    I know this post was mean-spirited, and I don’t really hate the Dallas Academy players. But I am sincerely amazed that it is possible to get shut out in a basketball game.

  3. I'm not as amazed, I've seen me trying to play basketball. There's a reason why I'm a distance cyclist/skater, something about a total lack of hand-eye coordination.