Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WHAT I HATE TODAY: Your daily dose of negative energy

Today I hate the Facebook game Word Challenge, a monstrously addictive time-waster that I now call Word Crack. Each game only takes two minutes to play, so you always have time for one more game, and one more game, and one more game, until your lunch break has been over for 30 minutes and your boss is standing in the door of your cube asking if you plan to do any work today.

Word Crack seems fun and easy -- finding words in a batch of six Scrabble-like tiles -- but turns out to be evil and difficult. At the end of each game I find myself shouting, “How did I miss AIR? And CODE? It must have been a fluke! One more game, and this time I’m really going to pay attention and kick this game’s ass!” Repeat as necessary.

Finally, Word Crack ranks you against your friends who play it. Which means that a competitive word-lover like me has no choice but to keep playing and playing in a Sisyphean quest for the meaningless #1 slot. Right now I’m ranked #2 with a high score of 5576, stuck behind a certain someone at 7081. Intolerable!

WIHT Update! A few hours after posting this, I played Word Crack on my lunch break and popped an 8306 -- huzzah! Unfortunately I forgot to save the score and so you -- by which a mean a certain someone -- will have to take my word for it.

WIHT Update II! A certain someone just emailed me to boast of scoring 10,054 on Word Crack, busting me back to #2 even with my if-a-tree-falls-in-a-forest 8306. Curses -- foiled again!

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  1. You speak the truth! I know you won't rest until you beat that score...