Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's workout

Today I went for my first long skate of the season: 46 miles in 3:02:02 (15.2 mph), HR 72%, temp 55. Great weather today! I thought I would sail through this skate, and although it went quite well it was a little tougher than I expected. My body (especially my feet) has to reacquaint itself with the long miles, and I have to build up the mental endurance again -- even with an iPod full of podcasts I kept thinking, "Yeesh, am I done yet?" Still I am very happy to be skating this fast this early in the season.

Hours this week: 14.5
Hours this year: 111.75
Miles skated this week: 100
Miles this year: Skates 353, Bike 407

1 comment:

  1. Lawrence, what an amazing goal you have. All the best wishes & all the luck in the world to you for your forthcoming challenge - 24 hours is a loooooooooonnnnnnggg old skate!