Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's workout

Went to the gym for cardio, core, and the FrameWorks strength and stretching workout. I only got through half of the upper body exercises because I was checking the book a lot to make sure I was doing the lifts correctly. Time 2:00.

The FrameWorks guy recommends doing a single set of 12-15 reps with the lifts done v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y -- a four-count on the lift, a brief pause, then a four-count on the descent. The idea is develop strength across the entire range of motion, and to add emphasis to the negative lift, as compared to the way most people lift weights, which overemphasizes the bottom half of the lift up to the sticking point. This makes sense, but lifting so slowly (combined with my weak upper body) means that I have to use embarrassingly light weights. I could only do 10 reps on the bench press with a naked 45-pound bar, and for the lateral raises I had to use 5-pound dumbbells. I'm used to being the runt of the weight room, but tonight I found myself muttering, "There's not one of you steakheads who can run 50 miles or skate 24 hours" even more than usual.


  1. I always like it when I follow a lady on the weight machines. Then, I MIGHT actually have to INCREASE the weights.

  2. I signed up for a personal trainer a few years back, he didn't pay any attention to what I was saying, and kept getting disgusted with me when he had to remove weights from all the upper body machines. He really got annoyed when he had me do leg presses and I slammed the machine so hard it startled everyone. Haven't gone back to the gym since.