Thursday, May 21, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is the sweet membership deal I just got from 24 Hour Fitness. When I joined 24 Hour in 2006, I paid $720 for a three-year membership, which was a good deal -- just $20 per month. Even better: at the end of the contract I could renew for a year for $99 -- less than $9 per month. I thought that was pretty cheap until I got a notice last week that if I paid for the renewal up front, I could pay just $49. For a year. That’s right; for $4 -- for less than the price of a venti skinny half-caf latte -- I get to use the gym for an entire month. Given the frequency with which I go to the gym, that’s about 25 cents per visit.

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