Monday, May 25, 2009

Today's workout

Spent Memorial Day listening to the rain and executing The Great Purge of 2009: I sorted through all my possessions and accumulated a massive pile of useless crap to be thrown away. It feels great to lighten the load! What doesn't feel so good are my shoulders -- even light housework has them singing. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck.

I'll do some stretching and balance work here pretty soon. Time 0:30.

Last week's workouts

I haven't been posting my workouts regularly because it's frustrating to report on so much unsuccessful activity.

Friday: Nothing much, just the daily stretching, balance, and quad exercises. Time 0:30.

Saturday: Went to the Wash Park rec center for a 75-minute beginning yoga class. A couple of friends had recommended these classes as being good quality for a good price: just $3 per class! There were maybe three dozen people in the class -- mostly middle-aged women -- and the energy in the room was very positive. The class was quite easy and I left thinking that I would try the intermediate class the next week, maybe even the power class. Then Sunday happened.

After yoga I went to the gym for lower body weights and core exercises. Time 3:00.

Sunday: Went to the gym for a 30-minute Pilates class, then a 60-minute yoga class. This was a mistake because in both classes we did a lot of work in plank, down dog, and other positions that required me to support my body weight with my arms, which strains my shoulders. By evening both shoulders were aching badly. The pain doesn't seem to be in the shoulder muscles, but in the joints themselves -- I think I may have strained both rotator cuffs.

In between classes I tried to use the elliptical but had to give up after 5 minutes because my knee was hurting. Grrr.

I think I can continue to do Pilates as long as I skip the positions that work the arms, but I'll have to scratch that yoga class entirely, which is a shame because I really liked it -- it was much more active and demanding than the Iyengar classes. The Iyengar classes present much less impact to my body, though, so I'll stick with those for now.

Time 1:45.

Hours this week: 9.75
Hours this year: 222.75
Miles skated this week: 0
Miles this year: Skates 596, Bike 815

Thursday, May 21, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is the sweet membership deal I just got from 24 Hour Fitness. When I joined 24 Hour in 2006, I paid $720 for a three-year membership, which was a good deal -- just $20 per month. Even better: at the end of the contract I could renew for a year for $99 -- less than $9 per month. I thought that was pretty cheap until I got a notice last week that if I paid for the renewal up front, I could pay just $49. For a year. That’s right; for $4 -- for less than the price of a venti skinny half-caf latte -- I get to use the gym for an entire month. Given the frequency with which I go to the gym, that’s about 25 cents per visit.

Today's workout

To the gym. My shoulders had been feeling okay after some rest, but during a set of lat pulldowns my left shoulder flared up and I had to scuttle the rest of my upper-body exercises, because they all work the shoulders to some extent. So I did the leg lifts and some stretches and balance work and called it a night.

So let's review: I can't skate, run, bike, or even use the elliptical because of my knee. And until my shoulder heals I won't be able to swim. So for cardio that leaves walking and maybe pool running if I want to spring for a flotation belt. Grrr! I'll say it again: getting old and fragile sucks.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is 5318008. Typing this into a calculator and turning it upside down never fails to fill me with adolescent glee.

Today's workout

90-minute yoga class. Highlight: hanging upside down on the rope wall.

My knee hurt today just walking around. Grrr.

Weighed in at 152 today, down 1 pound from last week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is the relatively new practice of putting marathoners' names on their race numbers, so spectators can say, "Looking good, Dave!" instead of "Looking good, number 3422!" Why did it take us so long to think of this?

Today's workout

To the gym, where I used the elliptical machine for 30 easy minutes. My knee was hurting a little. That's not a good sign, when the elliptical machine hurts your knee.

Then an hour of Pilates. I felt very stinky -- I was wearing the same shirt I wore to run on Sunday, plus my feet stunk, and I had to fart (although, due to a massive application of willpower, I was able to hold it).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's workout

Just some core exercises on the ball. My quads hurt after yesterday's run so I'm skipping the quad isos today. Time 0:15.

Saturday's and Sunday's workouts

Saturday: Swam 1000 meters at the gym, then core exercises. Time 1:15.

Now I'm worried about my shoulders. Both of them hurt, especially the left one, which is not surprising given that heretofore my shoulders haven't seen any heavier action than the occasional act of self-abuse, and now they're getting two swimming workouts and two weightlifting workouts a week. I think I'll back off till they recover, then build up more slowly. Getting old and fragile sucks!

Sunday: Ran the anchor leg for a relay team at the Colorado Colfax Marathon: 7.6 miles in 70 minutes (9:15 pace) at 80% heart rate. I really didn't want to run because of my janky knee, but I didn't want to let the team down either, so I decided to take it easy and walk if I needed to. My knee felt stiff and painful after the first mile, but in the second half it loosened and I was even able to push the pace a little bit. Last year I ran this same race in 58 minutes, but this year I was just happy to finish without hurting myself.

My legs felt pretty hashed after the race -- I haven't run that far since... uh... well, since last year's Colorado Colfax Marathon relay -- so I took the rest of the day off.

Hours this week: 11.25
Hours this year: 213
Miles skated this week: 0
Miles this year: Skates 596, Bike 812

Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's workout

To the gym, where I swam 1200 meters in 34 minutes, then lifted weights. I'm feeling more comfortable in the water than I ever have before, although of course I'm still painfully slow. I swim a length using freestyle, then a length using backstroke to rest -- if I swim freestyle constantly I tire too fast and I start hyperventilating because I still haven't figured out the breathing. Time 2:45.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today's workout

Walked to the park and ran an easy lap. I had wanted to do two laps, but my knee hurt so I quit early. Grrr.

Then I walked home and did a routine of core exercises on the balance ball. Time 1:15.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is the fact that Häagen-Dazs is not -- as I always assumed from its name -- a Scandinavian company. It was founded in the Bronx by Polish immigrants, who made up a Scandinavian-sounding nameW that they correctly thought would impress Americans who think that everything European is sophisticated and delicious.

Speaking of Häagen-Dazs, today The Awesome is also their new Five ice cream, which is made with just five ingredients and is quite tasty -- not as rich as their regular stuff, and it's not crammed full of cookie dough or chocolate fish, but it sings with a delicious simplicity.

Today's workout

A 90-minute yoga class. Would have been a great day to ride my bike. Grrr.

Also did my daily leg-strengthening exercise, and iced and massaged my knee.

Weighed in at 153, up 2 pounds from last week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yesterday's and today's workouts

Yesterday: Just my daily leg exercises and whatnot.

Today: Bike commute. Knee hurt, especially near the end of the ride home. I think I'll have to give up the bike for a while.

Then to the gym for an hour of Pilates.

Last week's workouts

Friday: Just some personal upheaving.

Saturday: Walked to Wash Park for an easy running loop, then walked home.

Sunday: To the gym for a 30-minute Pilates class. Then in the pool and swam 1100 meters (about 35 minutes). This was kind of a pain because the pool is tiny -- just three lanes -- and I had to share a lane with a very attractive lady. This might not seem like a bad thing, but at one point I was backstroking and accidentally put my hand on her thigh while she was swimming the opposite direction, which made me feel like a prevert. After the swim I lifted weights. Time 2:30.

Hours this week: 8.5
Hours this year: 201.75
Miles skated this week: 0
Miles this year: Skates 596, Bike 797

Thursday, May 7, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is becoming briefly obsessed with watching strings of highlight videos on YouTube of obscure sports, such as badminton (an absurdly entertaining game to watch), or team handball (shouldn't they shrink the size of that goal? Why bother having a goalie at all?), or, uh, inline speedskating.

Today's workout

I had to work late, so in the interest of catching up on sleep I decided to skip the gym and come straight home. Upon walking through the door, I immediately executed the Eighth Habit of Highly Effective People: staring at my Lexulous rack for 20 minutes until I found a bingo (TENACES for 67 points). I resolve to get to bed by 10:00, though.

I suppose I'll ride my bike to work in the morning -- I hope my knee doesn't hurt. Bike commuting is such an efficient way to get a workout that I hate to let it go.

Weighed in at 151 this morning, down 1 pound from last week.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is a lacrosse goalie making a save and then dashing the length of the field to score at the other end. The Awesome Plus is when the goalie makes this play not against some doormat, but in the NCAA tournament against lax powerhouse Syracuse. The Awesome Double Plus is when the goalie is Andrew Goldstein, a two-time All-American who is openly gay.

Today's workout

Walked to Wash Park, then ran an easy 2.5-mile loop and walked home. Then rode my bike to the yoga studio for a 90-minute class. This was my first level 1 class, and there were nine students -- six of which were guys. My knee felt fine for the run, but during the bike ride it felt weird and definitely ached afterward. I'm going to ice and massage it and skip the bike commute tomorrow. Grrr.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is putting away the winter gear, and the very real possibility that I might be able to sleep all night with the window open.

Today's workout

Bike commute... knee hurt a little, so I took it very easy. Then to the gym for an hour of Pilates.

Monday, May 4, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is playing bingos across triple-word scores. TECHNOS for 106, yo!

Today's workout

Day off, just some leg exercises.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

WHAT I LIKE TODAY: Your daily dose of The Awesome

Today The Awesome is Supreme Court Justice David Souter, mostly for having the good sense to retire after George W. Bush left office -- why, Sandra Day O'Connor? Why??? -- but also for foregoing the debauched life of fast cars and easy sex that most retired jurists enjoy. Souter will retire to rural New Hampshire, to a house that could have been Ed Gein's summer home:

Happy retirement, Justice Souter!