Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today's and yesterday's workout

Yesterday: To the gym for weights, stretching, core, and balance. I'm now doing bench presses with a lonely 2.5-pound weight on each side, which is somehow more embarrassing than an empty bar. Time 2:15.

Today: Potpourri day! 30-minute Pilates class. Then a 30-minute walk/run with April. Then a 30-minute swim (1000 meters), which went better than expected -- my freestyle is not nearly as bad as I thought (although it's still pretty bad). Then 15 minutes slow running on the treadmill, which I quit because my knee was feeling janky. Then I rode my bike a bit. Time 2:15.

On Wednesday I weighed in at 152, no change from last week.

Hours this week: 14.5
Hours this year: 193.25
Miles skated this week: 0
Miles this year: Skates 596, Bike 775

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